Restoring family links and psychosocial support – e-learning

The Restoring Family Links (RFL) and Psychosocial Support (PSS) course is part of a Movement-wide effort to build closer collaboration between RFL and PSS practitioners working in the field, particularly in emergency situations.

Experience has shown that beneficiaries who approach the Red Cross Red Crescent looking for family members are often in need of PSS. Similarly, those accessing PSS may also have tracing needs.

However, RFL and PSS practitioners sometimes fail to identify beneficiaries’ secondary needs, either due to a lack of awareness or simply as a result of a narrow focus on what they perceive to be the priority “task at hand.” Furthermore, where practitioners do identify needs outside their strict remit, they sometimes lack the skills and/or confidence to respond appropriately.


The goal of this e-learning course is to increase awareness and knowledge of PSS and RFL practitioners with respect to each other’s area of expertise, so they are able to address the needs of beneficiaries more holistically. Specifically, this e-learning aims to:

  • enable PSS and RFL practitioners to identify and provide a basic response to beneficiary needs related to each other’s field of expertise
  • strengthen the collaboration between PSS and RFL practitioners
  • encourage the development of effective referral systems in emergencies.

Find the course

You can access the RFL and PSS e-learning course by visiting the Red Cross Red Crescent Learning platform at The course is open to all; you will just need to create an account and log in before proceeding.

We wish you all the best with your continued learning!

The Restoring Family Links and Psychosocial Support course was developed in collaboration with and co-authored by the RFL and Missing Unit of the Protection Division, the MHPSS Health Unit of the Assistance Division of the ICRC and the IFRC PS Centre.