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In order to provide psychosocial support to staff, volunteers and delegates responding to the outbreak of such a deadly and infectious disease, the PS Centre has developed a briefing note on psychosocial support in the context of Ebola. Other useful documents and information are included in the following briefing package, available here for download:

  • Psychosocial support during an outbreak of Ebola virus disease (PS Centre, 2014)
  • Caring for Volunteers: Toolkit (PS Centre, 2012)
  • Emergency Response Unit flyers adapted for Ebola (IFRC)
  • Frequently asked questions on Ebola virus disease (WHO, 2014)
  • PSS Background articles and reports (various)
  • UN meeting on response to Ebola Virus Outbreak (IFRC, 2014)

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Resource details

Publication: Epidemics & pandemics, External resources

Themes: Emergencies

Language: French

Year: 2014

File extension: PDF