What we do

The PS Centre’s mission is to promote and enable the psychosocial support to beneficiaries, humanitarian staff and volunteers. Psychosocial support is the process of facilitating and strengthening resilience within individuals, families and communities to recover from and adapt to critical adversities with potentially damaging long-term impacts. Psychosocial support thus promotes the restoration of social cohesion and infrastructure. The primary task of the PS Centre is to enable and support National Societies in implementing psychosocial support by providing training, educational material and direct support in times of emergencies.


The PS Centre carry out such tasks by:
  • Supporting projects to deliver innovative trainings and effective toolkits, while playing a central role in its communication and dissemination

  • Providing technical and operational support to assist the National Societies’ PSS focal points and implementing programs in the field

  • Participating in the research network for collaboration and shared learning that brings together MHPSS researchers and practitioners affiliated with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

  • Assisting National Societies to develop PS services at the community level and building regional and local PSS networks