Who We Are

The PS Centre’s main objective is to support National Societies in promoting, providing and enabling psychosocial wellbeing for beneficiaries, staff and volunteers. It is commonly acknowledged that recovery from psychological and social consequences of a crisis take far longer to overcome than physical or material damage. Additionally, early and adequate psychosocial support for beneficiaries, staff and volunteers can prevent distress and suffering from developing into more severe situations. The main purpose of psychosocial support is therefore to build resilience and help people to cope with and recover from a disaster or critical event.

To address these issues, a centre of excellence – the Red Cross Red Crescent Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support (the PS Centre) – was established in 1993. In order to achieve the mission and strategy to implement psychosocial well-being of beneficiaries, staff and volunteers, the PS Centre:

  • Works under the framework of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC)
  • Is hosted and supported by Danish Red Cross and operates under the legal identity of Danish Red Cross. Staff are employed by Danish Red Cross.
  • Works in partnership with National Societies, academic institutions, donors, international humanitarian organizations and other stakeholders related to MHPSS
  • Works in partnerships with research institutions and other psychosocial stakeholders, and has a roster group of experts that can be called upon for various assignments