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This issue includes the following content:

  • A daunting challenge: Psychosocial support in the largest single country emergency operation ever By Hedinn Halldorsson
  • “All of a sudden they are back to normal” An interview with psychosocial delegate Ea Akasha By Hedinn Halldorsson
  • Bouncing back to normalcy: A photo essay from Haiti By Jerome Grimaud
  • “Early response makes the difference” An interview with psychologist Ugur Demirbas By Petek Akman
  • “What scares me is loosing hope” Gaza: Psychosocial support in a chronic emergency By Hedinn Halldorsson
  • Let the children be seen, heard and involved: Children’s participation By Pernille Terlonge

Resource details

Publication: Coping with crisis

Language: Arabic

Year: 2010

File extension: PDF