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This issue includes the following content:

  • Healing through sports: Psychosocial physical activity programmes in crisis areas By Katrin Koenen & Claudia Stura
  • A common future: Psychosocial support activities in Osh, Kyrgyzstan By Sanja Pupacic with contributions from Assel Tastanova
  • Children and community resilience: A photo essay from Gaza By Jerome Grimaud
  • The aftermath of the bomb blasts: Providing psychosocial support after the Uganda bombings By Alex Ssimbwa
  • Mitigating vulnerability through the power of humanity: Psychosocial support unit – Kenya By Hellen A. Mwangovya
  • The tragic flames: The fires in Kenya that left a trail of scars and traumatic memories By Hellen A. Mwangovya
  • Safeguarding our volunteers: Psychosocial support to volunteers in Red Cross Red Crescent Societies By Åsta Ytre
  • Integrating psychosocial support: An update from South African Red Cross By Basani Malambe

Resource details

Publication: Coping with crisis

Language: Arabic

Year: 2010

File extension: PDF