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A publication for practitioners and programmers on psychosocial life skills in humanitarian action. Life skills – Skills for life features empowering skills that enable people to cope with life and its challenges and changes. Life skills support psychosocial well-being by promoting good communication, positive thinking, analytical skills and goal setting, cooperation and coping. Strengthening life skills helps individuals and communities manage challenges and risks, maximise opportunities and solve provlems in cooperative, non-violent ways.

Life Skills – Skills for Life aims to provide detailed guidance on life skills programming both for those working in the field and those with an interest in psychosocial support. It draws on real life examples from around the world and contains practical tools to help volunteers, staff and programme coordinators to tailor activities to specific target groups. It has been developed to inspire and support life skills programming in different contexts. There are resources for work both in community-based development and disaster interventions.

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Publication: Coping with crisis, Programme planning and implementation, Psychosocial interventions

Themes: Mental health, Programme tools

Language: French

Year: 2013

File extension: PDF