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Sophie Marron compelted the MA in Applied Psychology (Mental Health) at the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork (UCC) and has experience with the Irish Prison Service and the Peter McVerry trust. Dr Maria Dempsey is a counselling psychologist, lecturer and co-director of the MA in Applied Psychology (Mental Health) at UCC. Dr Emma Regan is a clinical psychologist with a background in forensic mental health and currently Head of Psychology in the Irish Prison Service. Carrie McGowan has a Master’s Degree in counselling and psychotherapy and is currently working with the Community Based Health in Justive programme in Ireland. Dr Conn Dorai-Raj is a senior counselling and forensic psychologist working in St Louise’s Unit, Children’s Health Ireland. Dr Graham Betts-Symonds is Programme Director for Community Based Health in Justice Correspondence regarding this article should be directed to

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Themes: Mental health

Language: English

Year: 2022

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