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This Training of Trainers (ToT) module is a three-day face-to-face training accompanying Module 2 Basic PFA.

The ToT module prepares trainees to conduct their own trainings in the PFA manual Module 2 Basic PFA that can be delivered in one day and can be extended for up to two days. Module 2 Basic PFA uses a wide range of training methods, including presentations, active discussions, role play, and group and individual activities. There is no set of Power-Points used in this ToT. The reason being, that a goal for trainees is to practice interacting directly with a group when facilitating and to be able to create an active and participatory training environment by using direct human engagement and communication.

This training module is one of several on PFA that accompany manuals. Each training module is independent of each other, except Module 4: PFA in Groups – Support to teams training which requires prior participation in Module 2: Basic PFA.

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Themes: Education, Emergencies

Language: Spanish

Year: 2022

File extension: PDF