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Problem Management Plus (PM+) for All (Arabic)

The IFRC PS Centre is happy to host a webinar in Arabic on Problem Management Plus (PM+). The webinar is part of one of our research projects funded by EU Horizon2020: The STRENGTHS project

STRENGTHS PROJECT – Scaling up psychological interventions with syrian refugees (strengths-project.eu)

مشروع “القوى” – : زيادة التدخلات النفسية مع اللاجئين السوريين (strengths-project.eu)

The STRENGTHS project focuses on scaling up psychological interventions with Syrian refugees and has culturally adapted PM+ and trained Syrian refugees to provide individual and group PM+ to fellow Syrian refugees in 7 countries.

Please join the 120 minutes webinar in Arabic on Problem Management Plus (PM+) for All on 15 December from 12.00pm to 2.00pm Copenhagen time.

Experienced professionals PM+ will share their rich knowledge and expertise of using PM+ in Europe and in the MENA region. The discussion will highlight the use of PM+ in training and supervision, also the uniqueness of PM+ on scaling up capacities.

Sam Hunaidy is Syrian, born and lives in The Netherlands. He is a global humanitarian and a mental health trainer and has vast experience as a Master trainer and supervisor in scalable psychological interventions including Problem Management Plus (PM+).

Jolnar (Jully) Makhous was born in Syria, has been living in the Netherlands for seven years. She studies Psychology at the university of Groningen and now is doing her Master in Legal Psychology at the university of Maastricht. She is working as a research assistant responsible for recruiting participants, doing assessments, and hosting webinars introducing the REMAIN project in Arabic. In her work with REMAIN project PM+ is being adopted to youth.

PM+ is a simplified and scalable psychological intervention for adults experiencing symptoms of common mental health problems (depression, anxiety, stress or grief), as well as self-identified practical problems (e.g., unemployment, interpersonal conflict, etc.).

Join Zoom Meeting:

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