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Ukraine Nursing and Midwifery workshop series

To support the steering group and as part of the work over the next year, the Centre for Nursing Development in Kyiv, will organize a series of monthly workshops. These workshops will include national and international expertise and will also allocate time for discussion and planning.

  1. The objectives of the monthly meetings, therefore, are:
  2. To monitor, identify and support key emergent needs in Ukraine to strengthen the role of nurses as an integrated member of health teams across the country;
  3. To serve as a platform for exchange that can support the Centre for Nursing Development through the sharing of experiences, strategies and solutions with each other and Nursing and Midwifery experts or scientist from across the WHO European region and around
    the world;
  4. To increase the capacity of the steering group and the centre for nursing development in Ukraine to support transformation of the workforce;
  5. To equip the steering group in Ukraine with key WHO resources and updates on the latest health policy strategies and approaches