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Setting Priorities for a 10-year Research Agenda for MHPSS Humanitarian Response

MHPSS.net and Elrha are hosting a webinar on “Setting Priorities for a 10-year Research Agenda for MHPSS Humanitarian Response” to be held at 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 17th January 2023 from 13:00 - 14:00 UTC.

PS Centre Technical Advisor Carmen Valle-Trabadelo and Head of the MHPSS Advisors Sarah Harrison are both presenting in this webinar.

To address the need for more evidence of what works to support MHPSS programming in humanitarian settings, a priority research agenda taking us to 2030 has been developed by key MHPSS stakeholders. The result is a list of 20 most critical research questions to support MHPSS response. We will be sharing these results with the global MHPSS community at a webinar on 17 January 2023.

The priority setting was conducted in collaboration with a wide range of MHPSS experts and a rigorous methodology was used to identify priority research questions. Supported and endorsed by the IASC Reference Group on MHPSS in Emergency Settings, it was conducted by HealthRight International and funded by Elrha’s Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) programme.

The prioritisation was steered by a Funding & Policy Council comprising funders and policy leaders in the field of MHPSS, and a Scientific Practice and Advisory Board guided the methodology. Consultation on research priorities took place with MHPSS practitioners, policy makers, and researchers across the globe and included local consultations in three different humanitarian settings.