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The Blended Learning Training of Trainers in Psychological First Aid (PFA)

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On-line training of trainers in psychological first aid using blended learning for Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers with mental health and psychosocial support training responsibilities in their National Society.

The blended learning training of trainers in psychological first aid (PFA) dates are the following:

• Online pre-training meeting 23 August 13.00 to 14.30 hrs UTC+2
• Online training 13 to 17 September (5-days) 12.00 to 17.00 hrs UTC+2
• Online follow-up meeting 1 October 13.00 to 14.30 hrs UTC+2

Check the times in your location.

The on-line training of trainers in psychological first aid (PFA) enables trainees to train staff and volunteers in basic psychological first aid face to face or online. It is conducted with IFRC PS Centre technical advisors Mel Powell and Ea Suzanne Akasha and is conducted in English.

The training of trainers builds upon the PS Centre materials: A Guide to Psychological First Aid for Red Cross and Red Crescent, Training of trainers in Psychological first aid for Red Cross and Red Crescent, Module 2 Basic PFA, and COVID-19 related on-line training modules. This basic training is suitable for all psychosocial staff and volunteers and others providing direct care and support to people in distress and is aligned with the MHPSS policy of the Movement. The training content includes managing complex situations and reactions and covers the necessity and modalities for selfcare.

The training of trainers builds on blended learning where trainees study the materials before the on-line pre-training meeting, next dedicate time to plan their own sessions, meet for a five-day on-line training ending with a follow up meeting after the training. During the training, trainees will deliver their sessions supervised by a main trainer and receive feedback from a peer group as well as from a main trainee. The total hours involved in the preparation and in on-line sessions amounts to no less than 40 hours.

The training of trainers in basic PFA enables trainees to conduct trainings of staff and volunteers in:

• reactions to distress
• what psychological first aid is and what it is not
• the three action principles of ‘Look, Listen and Link’
• providing PFA to someone in distress
• considered complex reactions and situations
• being aware of the importance of self-care when helping others.

Trainees must:

• be available during the pre-training meetings and during training hours
• have good internet connection, a pc with a camera, and a smart phone
• have access to Zoom and Google drive
• be on camera during training hours
• be undisturbed and available during training hours
• have time to prepare a session before the training with an assigned co-facilitator/training buddy and hand the outline in before the online training

Please note that certificates will be issued provided a trainee has been present 80 % of the time, taken active part in preparation and facilitation of the session, demonstrated understanding of the topics, been active throughout the training, and has taken on the different other assignments as instructed.

Intensive pre-training study materials:

A Guide to Psychological First Aid for Red Cross Red Crescent Societies
Psychological First Aid training module 2
On-line facilitation in MHPSS
Psychological First Aid: Five Year Retrospective (2011-2016)

Extensive pre-training study materials:

Online training materials:

On-line training videos: