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Training: Promoting inclusion and psychosocial well-being for persons with disabilities

This training focuses on how to provide psychosocial support to ensure psychosocial well-being and promote inclusion for persons with disabilities. The training contains information and knowledge on how to improve the capacity of practitioners to support the psychosocial needs of persons with disabilities through inclusive and easy-to-use support tools and activities. The aim is also to raise awareness that persons with disabilities are not a homogenous group. The training offers a combination of theoretical background, cases and practical guidance in psychosocial support, communication and activities. Criteria for participation
    professionals and volunteers who work with persons with disabilities
    professionals and volunteers who are interested in including persons with disabilities in the activities
    Sufficient English speaking skills and comprehension to be able to fully understand and participate in the training
    The training is free of charge but participants should be able to fund their own costs related to the training.
Practicalities 21 marts, kl 10-16 Morning tea/coffee at 10.00, coffee/tea in the afternoon and lunch included Max 18 people