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Webinar: Challenges and possible solutions for the PSS impact of wearing PPE

Challenges and possible solutions for the PSS impact of wearing PPE

Austrian Red Cross Magen David Adom staff
Austrian Red Cross and Magen David Adom staff in personal protective equipment

Magen David Adom and IFRC PS Centre host a webinar

The webinar brings PSS practitioners and Health Care workers together to discuss the many psychosocial effects of wearing personal protective equipment when working and when interacting with those they serve. There will be time for participants to interact, discuss challenges and come up with possible solutions. The PS Centre will give a short presentation on psychosocial losses involved in having to wear personal protective equipment. It will be discussed how the losses of the “normal way of doing things” will have to processed in order to be able to gain “new ways for doing things”. Austrian Red Cross will present their experiences with support to health care workers including the interventions done and the evaluation of staff and volunteers well-being that was conducted. Hong Kong, Canadian and Italian Red Cross will also share their challenges and solutions found to these challenges aiming at supporting staff and volunteers. In breakout rooms participants will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions.