Caring for Volunteers: A psychosocial support toolkit assists National Societies in preparing and supporting volunteers for their work during and after disasters, conflicts and other crisis events. It contains practical tools and information on preparing for crises, communication and PFA, peer support and monitoring and evaluation. Caring for Volunteers: Training Manual complements the tool kit and was developed with the goal of better training and preparing volunteers in helping beneficiaries, and to help volunteers learn to recognize signs of stress and take better care of themselves and each other. Caring for Volunteers: Training Manual includes key concepts and definitions needed by trainers in the field. It articulates possible risks to volunteers’ well-being, and presents strategies for reducing those risks. It includes sessions on self-care, peer support and PFA and has guidance on how to set up a support system for volunteers and on monitoring and evalua­tion. The training also includes a valuable session on making an action plan to follow up the work done in the training. An ap­pendix featuring a training of trainers accompanies this manual. The tool kit is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian, and the training manual is available in English, French and Arabic.
Caring for volunteers

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