Monitoring and evaluation is one of the most difficult aspects of psychosocial support programming. The IFRC Psychosocial Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework was developed in order to identify and ensure best practices throughout IFRC global psychosocial programmes, contributing to quality interventions and strengthening the advocacy for psychosocial support programmes. The framework aims to support National Societies to design relevant M&E systems for psychosocial programmes, to help in programme planning and the development of strategies, and to mainstream global reporting of progress on PS programmes as they contribute to achieving the priorities of IFRC Strategy 2020. The framework builds upon the wealth of experience of National Societies and the PS Centre in designing and implementing interventions in diverse contexts. Resources were drawn from an extensive desk review of best practices in M&E of psychosocial programmes and specific resources for the development of psychosocial support indicators, M&E frameworks, means of verification and tools from both within and outside of the Movement.
M&E Framework

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