Zipped file consisting of the following annexes:
1a: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1b: Convention on the Rights of the Child
1b+: Ratifications of CRC
1c: Sphere Project 2004
1d: IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
1d+: IASC Guidelines Checklist for Field Use
1e: Getting it Right CRP Guide
1f: Child Friendly Spaces Guidelines
1g: International Federation Psychological Support Policy
1h: Inter-Agency Network on Education in Emergency_Minimum Standards
1i: Child Protection in Emergencies_Priorities, Principles and Practices
2: Step_by_Step_Model
3: Preconditions
4a: Overview of Parents and Caregivers Meetings
4b: Informed Consent Form
5a: Rapid Assesment Questions
5b: Detailed Assesment
6a: Baseline Focus Group Question for Children
6b: Focus Groups, Parents and Caregivers
6c: Focus Group, Teachers and Community Members
6d: Focus Group, Headteachers
6e: Focus Group Records
7a1: Brief Ethnographic Interviewing Manual
7a2: BEI Appendix I – Statistical Analysis for Sort Method Data
7a3: BEI Appendix II. Example Interviews
7b: Child Competence Interviews with Adults and Children
9: Interagency PSS Programme Document
11: Budget Example
12: Procurement List
13a: Job description PM
13b: Job description PS Technical Officer
13c: Job description, Field Coordinator
13d: Job description Facilitator
14a: Staff Recruitment Considerations
14b: Code of Conduct
15: Training Matrix
16: How to Develop Indicators
17: Monitoring Guidelines
18: Examples of Indicators
19: Example of Filing System

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Publication: Children's Resilience Programme

Themes: Age specific, Children, Programme tools

Language: English

Year: 2012

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