How to help children in crises – Psychosocial support in and out of schools The Children’s Resilience Programme is a resource kit that guides the planning and implementation of a children’s resilience programme. The activities described here aim to help children build strength and resilience so they can cope positively with difficult life situations. The material has special focus on the impact of armed conflicts, disasters, abuse and exploitation and living in a community with a high rate of HIV. The full kit comprises a booklet on understanding children’s wellbeing, a handbook for programme managers, two handbooks with structured workshop activities for children in and out of school and a guide for holding meetings with parents and caregivers. In the “Children’s Resilience Programme – additional materials” section (right hand menu), you will find workshop tracks, PowerPoint presentations, brochures and much more supporting material. You do not necessarily need all four books to organise great activities for children. Most of the materials can be used as stand-alone resources but, as a full set, they enable a good understanding of how to implement the Children’s Resilience Programme. The material is available in English and French and all four books and additional material and activities are available online here. Hard copies can be ordered through psychosocial.centre (@)
Children's Resilience Programme

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