Translate PS Centre materials

Working in humanitarian settings often means working across cultures and languages. Translation and adaptation is key to the successful implementation of psychosocial support interventions. MHPSS interventions require good materials appropriate to the language and culture, in which the intervention takes place. The PS Centre encourages translation of its materials and is happy to assist with the provision of original files when possible to ease the translation process. We recommend involving a small team in the translation:

  • Translator(s), preferably a professional native speaking translator, preferably with some knowledge about MHPSS – but a deep understanding of English and the translation language is more important.
  • One or two native speaking MHPSS professionals with the same cultural background as the beneficiaries to ensure that the MHPSS terminology is correct and culturally appropriate.
  • One or two people from the intervention target group to ensure that the linguistic level is understandable and acceptable
  • A proof reader.

The PS Centre has a set of guidelines for translating our materials. They can be downloaded here. The World Health Organization has produced a very informative and useful review about translating and adapting Psychological First Aid: A Guide for Field Workers (WHO 2011).