Video: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in and for Ukraine

  • April 27, 2022
April 27, 2022

“What’s important in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, in my view, and is often not done, is to treat people from Ukraine as active survivors… we should not pathologize them, because it is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation” –  Dr. Barbara Juen, technical manager of the psychosocial services at the Austrian Red Cross.  

On 12 April 2022, at the MHPSS European Network Digital Network Meeting ‘Migration in Europe’, Dr. Barbara Juen talked about the ongoing MHPSS responses in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

In this video of Dr. Barbara’s presentation, she discusses how volunteers, staff and others can support Ukrainian refugees, important points to be mindful about, and practice examples.

More resources about MHPSS can be found in the PS Centre resource library.

MHPSS in and for Ukraine – Dr. Barbara Juen