Five working groups strengthening the Movements’ capacities in MHPSS

  • February 11, 2022
February 11, 2022

“The Working Groups are eager to continue the support to the overall Movement in moving forward on the implementation of the priority action areas in 2022. Their monthly working group calls have been resumed and new activities are to be launched in the coming months. The Working Groups are keen to expand the groups, continue to ensure diversity across regions and call for new National Societies to join.”

– Nathalie H. Rigall, Project Manager of the Roadmap Implementation, IFRC PS Centre.

In 2022, National Societies, IFRC and ICRC representatives continue to strengthen the Movements’ commitment to the implementation of the MHPSS policy and resolution. Their goal is to:

  1. achieve a basic level of MHPSS across sectors,
  2. reinforce the Movement’s MHPSS collaboration,
  3. promote the MHPSS support of staff and volunteer,
  4. demonstrate the impact of MHPSS interventions
  5. strengthen the advocacy for mental health and resource mobilization.

The five Working Groups focus on the Priority Action Areas, which are defined in the Roadmap of Implementation – a workplan to operationalize the Resolution 2, adopted in 2019 at the Council of Delegates. Each Working Group is co-lead by a National Society, the IFRC and the ICRC. The Working Groups are keen to expand the groups within the Red Cross and Red Crescent components, continue to ensure diversity across regions and call for new RC/RC National Societies to join – new members are welcome to contact the Project Coordinator, Nathalie H. Rigall,

Below, find an overview of the coming Working Group calls scheduled for this year and the languages available.