Radio Television Hong Kong: Interview with Dr. Eliza Cheung

  • January 26, 2022
January 26, 2022

“At our Reference Centre, we started to produce a lot of guidelines right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic back in early 2020. We educate the local communities on accurate science and health information, the safety of vaccinations, and how individuals make their well-informed decisions to protect themselves during the pandemic.” – Dr. Eliza Cheung 

On 16 January, in the weekly magazine Global Traveler on Radio Television Hong Kong, IFRC Psychosocial Centre Technical Advisor Dr. Eliza Cheung explains various important global mental health issues like the mental health treatment gap and mental health investment and returns, including the COVID impact on mental health at a global perspective.

“One source of anxiety related to COVID also originates from vaccination. We indeed have learned from various countries and regions the different versions of rumors and misconceptions about vaccines,” Eliza says. “For example, people in certain places believe that vaccines will lead to infertility and other undesired outcomes, despite them being unsubstantiated by evidence. These all contributes to vaccine hesitancy.”

This episode of Global Traveler, in Cantonese, explores the mental health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, not only in Hong Kong, but around the world.